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I open my WordPress app the other day to find a comment from one of my dearest blogger friends, Michelle (aka SomeGirl).

BTW, I gave you an award today.

What?! No way! Too cool. Really???

I quickly hop over to her (really cool) website to check it out. Here’s what she said:

The Prolific Blogger Award is described this way: A prolific blogger is one who is intellectually productive, keeping up an active blog with enjoyable content. After accepting this award, recipients are asked to pass it forward to seven other deserving blogs.

So…here we go. I hereby bestow this award to:

And, to further “borrow” from the sweet SomeGirl, I’m paying it forward with her Sweet Reader Award. That goes to all of you who have remained faithful even though my prolific-ness (how’s that for a non-word?) has waned drastically during the past few months.

You all make my day every day, and for that I am truly grateful!



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After careful consideration, I’ve decided to split my blogs for better focus. The articles I share here at Common Grounds will be centered on the crazy life-related stories I write just for fun. :0)

For those of you interested in reading articles about writing, editing and ultimately building connections with people, including your clients and prospective clients, please visit my new site, Pen & Ink.

As always, feel free to share what topics you’d like to see discussed and offer comments as well. Thanks for sharing your time with me.

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writing | coffee | life

There are three things I love in life: writing, coffee and my life in general.


Even though I’ve been writing professionally for nearly 15 years, this is my first foray into the world of blogs. I know, pretty sad, huh? I guess I wondered what I might write that others would want to read. So, we’ll see how it goes. For now, I leave you with this: I love writing. I love the feel, sound and cadence of words. I love recrafting and honing each sentence, and I love reviewing others’ writing to offer creative solutions that clarify what they would have conveyed had they had more time. :0)


Right. Yum. Although, I didn’t always feel that way. I started drinking coffee much against my will several years ago to stay warm at work. I was always freezing and got tired of drinking the too-sweet hot cocoa every morning. (Plus, it wasn’t doing any favors to my hips!)

I used to joke that I’d take some coffee with my cream and sugar, thank you. Over the last few years, I’ve gradually weaned myself off the cream and sugar (ugh!), and now I can usually drink my coffee black. Of course, a flavor is required. You know, hazelnut, french vanilla, etc.


I’m a wife (of 13 years) and a mother (five-year old), and usually love both. :0) I’m an eternal optimist (most days), and struggle with those who find the negative in every situation.

I look forward to spending more time with you. Ciao for now!

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