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Do you  ever feel like someone’s trying to tell you something? Maybe it’s in subtle signs that seem to pop up everywhere you turn. It could be a friend’s sage advice, a comment made on the radio or a Sunday sermon.

Sometimes the message may be a bit more pointed. A challenging situation that causes you to re-evaluate the course of your life, a health scare or loss of a loved one that makes you truly identify what’s important in your life, or even a chance encounter with a stranger or long-lost friend that brings with it unexpected opportunities.

For me it seems that situations like this come at a time of change in my life or at a time when I’m faced with a serious decision. And lately, I feel as though I’ve been bombarded with a consistent message: That I need to trust in God to light my path and remember I’m not in this life for me, but to glorify him.

Easier Said Than Done

Right. I don’t know about for you, but for me, that’s harder to do than it should be. I’ve never been one to want others to “fix” my problems for me, tackle the obstacles piling up in my path or fight my battles for me. And, yet, that’s exactly what God calls us to do.

He who trusts in himself is a fool, but he who walks in wisdom is kept safe. ~Proverbs 28:26

He calls us to let go, and trust in him.

Commit your way to the LORD; trust in him and he will do this: He will make your righteousness shine like the dawn, the justice of your cause like the noonday sun. ~ Psalm 37:5-6

Do you ever think someone’s trying to tell you something? How are you hearing from God? I’d love to hear from you. Share your thoughts below so we can find our common grounds.


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What makes you happy? Really happy?

If I asked you to describe pure happiness, what would it look like? Lots of money? No need to work? The perfect job? A home full of family? Six kids? An adoring spouse? An ocean-side home? Mountain living?

The possibilities are endless, aren’t they? But, where does your faith enter in? Or does it?

Today’s Faith JAM over at Faith Barista asks the question: How does faith connect to your happiness?

The Bible says, “Happy is the one who seeks and embraces true wisdom and understanding.” ~Proverbs 3:13

I couldn’t agree more. By nature, I’m a happy person. It takes a lot to bring me down, and I attribute that to my faith. I talked about this a bit in our first Faith JAM.

We recently had this organizational exercise where we had to narrow down our core values to five. Here are mine: Faith, hope, wisdom, happiness and humor. Notice that faith and hope are right up front, and that springs from my belief in God, as does wisdom. This is key for me. I believe that in all things we must be wise – even if that means being unpopular for our decisions. And through faith, hope and wisdom comes happiness. Happiness in my family, in my friends and in myself. Last, but certainly not least, is humor. I can cope with anything through humor.

Christian Courier author Wayne Jackson talks about faith and happiness like this:

In his book, Mere Christianity, British philosopher C.S. Lewis (1898-1963) observed that it is a futile exercise to seek happiness apart from God. Man has been “designed” to find his purpose, indeed his happiness, only in his Creator. In fact, Lewis insists, “God cannot give us a happiness and peace apart from Himself, because it is not there. There is no such thing” (54). We were made to glorify God (Isaiah 43:7), and apart from that thrilling enterprise, there is no real contentment in human existence.

This is something I’ve been thinking about for awhile now. I’ve felt called to do more with my faith. To find better ways to incorporate it into my daily activities. This is exactly why I’m now sharing the Blessings Unlimited line. And I have to tell you, that the joy I feel when talking with people about faith-inspired products is amazing.

How does faith connect to happiness?

It’s intertwined. It’s integral to achieving true happiness. It enables us to walk through the rain, knowing God will help us emerge triumphant.

Now it’s your turn. How does faith connect to your happiness? Drop me a comment below, and let’s share our common grounds.

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