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Made famous by George Strait in 1995, that song immediately sprang to mind this afternoon here in 2012 as the munchkin pulled me aside, saying, “So, guess what? I did it!”

“Uh…did what?”

“Today in art class, we made a valentine. I made mine, and then turned it over and wrote: Do you like me? __ Yes __ No”

😯 Oh boy. “You did?!?!” I ask, trying to hide my smile. I couldn’t help it. I can’t believe it. He’s got guts; ya gotta give him that.

“Yep!” he says with a big grin. “Then, before she left, I ran over to her car, handed it to her and ran away.”

Shaking my head, I ask, “So, you don’t know what she checked?”

“Nope.” Long pause. “What do you think? Will she check yes or no?”

“Ummm…not sure, buddy. Guess you’ll just have to wait and see.”

“Yep. Maybe I’ll find out on Valentine’s day. ♥ That’d be cool, right?”

Yep. That’d be cool. Wow.

What a character. Where does he get this from? He’s in second grade. I certainly didn’t have the courage to ask the boys I liked in second grade if they liked me. Unbelievable. (Yes, I said boys, plural.) Hmm…maybe he gets a little of it from me, after all. Lol! 😎

Any crazy kids’ valentine stories you’d care to share? Drop me a line below and share your Common Grounds.

P.S. I played the George Strait video for the munchkin, who promptly sees the note with the yes/no boxes, opens his mouth, gasps and says, “Hey!!! That’s just like my note! Do they have any other songs about love?”

Ha! Only a few hundred thousand or so…


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toothYes, that’s right. We had our first visit by the tooth fairy the other night. I can’t believe it!

The munchkin is now five-and-a-half, and he lost his first tooth on Tuesday…and, he didn’t tell me!!!

He had two teeth in the front on the bottom that have been loose for the last couple of weeks. I kept checking them periodically to see how they were doing. Each day, so far so good.

Not a Word

I picked him up from his after-school program on Tuesday. He didn’t say a word (about his tooth, anyway; he talks non-stop while he gets ready). We get in the car and head for home. Nothing. We get home, unpack all the gear. Nothing. I fix a snack and change him into his “comfy clothes.” Nothing.

Then, I catch a glimmer of something…or rather, of nothing. A hole. A space. Not a tooth. “Hey…open your mouth for me,” I say to him. A bit of a grin, and he opens his mouth. No tooth!!!

Oh no! Where’d it go?

“You lost your tooth? Where is it? What happened? How cool!!! That’s awesome!!!!” He couldn’t get a word in edgewise. I finally tooth a breath, and he explained. “Yep, I showed Miss Ginger I had a loose tooth. She touched it to see how loose it was, and ‘pop’!”

“It fell out?” I questioned. “Do you have it?” I ask skeptically, thinking, ‘Oh no, he lost the tooth. His first tooth.'” “Yep. It’s in an envelope in my backpack.”

Alright! I’m still not sure what I’m going to find, but I was worried for nothing. Miss Ginger’s a doll. She carefully wrapped the tooth in a napkin, taping in securely in place, and marked on the envelope that my munchkin “lost his first tooth on 1/19 at 12:37 p.m.” Unbelievably awesome! But then, she’s a mom and a grandma. Of course she would think of this. Thank you Miss Ginger!

Will the Tooth Fairy Splurge or Skimp?

My mom had given the munckin a tooth fairy pillow. There’s a pocket where the tooth is placed until the Tooth Fairy replaces it with the well-deserved (?) money. So, the debate began. How much would the Tooth Fairy give? What’s the going rate these days? Hmmm…

He put his tooth in the pillow, and carefully placed it under his own pillow. He woke up in the morning, and ran in my room. “Mommy, Mommy, the Tooth Fairy didn’t come!! And, the pillow’s gone!”

What? Hmmm…maybe the Tooth Fairy came and took the pillow leaving nothing in return. I don’t blame her (or him). What a horrible job. How would you like to collect teeth all night long? Yuck!

Anyway, I calmly explained that I was sure the Tooth Fairy had come, and the pillow probably just fell to the floor. We go to his room to investigate, and the pillow’s right where he left it last night – under his pillow.

So…what did the Tooth Fairy leave? $5.50 and a note, which read:


$5 = First tooth

$0.50 = Regular rate for teeth



He was thrilled! I think he was more excited about the quarters than the $5. He loves coins. Crazy kid. The Tooth Fairy must have known this; otherwise, she’d have given him $1.  Now…we’re just waiting for the other tooth to fall out, and begin the process all over again.

P.S. The munchkin’s tooth fell out right before they had show and tell. Miss Ginger said it was the talk of the class. Awesome!

What are your Tooth Fairy stories? I’d love to hear them.

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