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20120826-094835.jpgHow is it that we’re already at third grade? Where did the time go?

I have a feeling I’ll be saying this a lot in the coming years, right?

New school, old friends & hopefully new friends
This year our school district shifted things around. There are two schools (West and Central), and they were both K through 8.

West is literally in our backyard, and for the past three years, the neighborhood has been filled with hundreds of kids walking to and from the school. Until now.

To better even out the distribution of students, teachers and expenses, the district decided to merge the two schools, making West 6 through 8 and Central K through 5. This means, the munchkin is now headed to Central, renamed Elementary.

This, as you can imagine, caused more than a little consternation on the part of my 8-year-old. We’ve tried to reassure him that all of his friends are in the same situation. The school administration has done a good job of helping the kids get acclimated, with field trips to the ‘new’ school at the end of last year.

We’ve also tried to explain that the students who had already been at Elementary are probably just as upset. They now have all these interlopers invading their space, their school, their teachers.

And the up side of this whole thing is the possibility for new friends. 😉

All of this seemed to help, and the first two days of school went off seemingly without a hitch! Yay!!!

We’re keeping our fingers crossed for a successful year! Here’s hoping your school years will be just as good!


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back to school

Today marked the first day back to school for my six-year-old son. First grade. New classes, like music. Eating lunch in the cafeteria. Recess! Some familiar classmates. Some new classmates. One new teacher. A whole set of new rules. And…a seven-hour day.

Oh boy.

This morning, I dutifully dropped off the munchkin at his before-and-after-school program location. (The school always asks parents to follow the child’s “normal” routine the first day of school.) Then, I drove to the school to wait until his bus arrived.

He and only one other child were on this bus in the morning. As he saw me, his face lit up. (Yay!) He climbed off the bus, and we sat on the bench outside the school until the bell rang. He was freaking out the whole time.

Well, freaking out for him, which means asking lots of questions. “Why did my friend walk around the side to the other entrance?” “How am I going to find my room?” “When will all the other kids get here?” “How will I know what to do?”

After reassuring him he’d be fine, he walked through the doors and actually turned around to wave at me. Wow. He must be nervous.

Fast Forward to the End of the Day

I can’t wait to get to the munchkin to find out how his day went. Did he like his teacher? Who else is in his class? What did they do today? I’m practically bursting with questions.

I finally get him in the car – he’s totally exhausted, by the way – and rather than pummel him with every question I’ve got, I simply ask, “Well? How was your first day?” And do you know what he says?

“I don’t think I like first grade.”

“What?!?!” I respond. “Why?”

“It’s too long!” he says with a whine.

“What?!?” I laugh, flabbergasted. “It was only a half a day. What do you mean it was too long?”

He grins sheepishly. “Well, it will probably be too long tomorrow when it’s all day.”

When I finally get him talking, it sounded like the day actually flew. They got in, got settled at their new desks, had to put some paperwork together, write a story, walked around the school to familiarize themselves with it again, came back, read a story, went for another walk – this time to the cafeteria to understand how that will work, back for one more story and that was the end of the day!

Wow. Sounds like a fun day to me. 😉 How about you? Guess we’ll see what tomorrow has in store.

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